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Welcome to The Cold Hearted Collective – A typography co that's dedicated to embracing rebellious design. I'm Allie, the designer behind it all! The whole idea that fuels The Cold Hearted Co. is doing whatever it takes to get where you want to be, but always doing good in the process. It stands for not being afraid to take risks, knowing you can create your own rules rather than follow traditional paths, and can be a total badass while still figuring out what the hell you're doing.


I'm a designer who's motivated by inspiring and empowering, all of which play a huge role in my brand style. I'm always embracing funky colors and typography and working to create products that make people smile.

I've always had a passion for forming meaningful relationships with people, which led me to whole-heartedly dive into creating for small business owners who had huge visions. From there, my work has evolved to unconventional branding, illustration, murals, and product design! People > Projects is my constant attitude in this industry.


Odds are you've seen one (or seven) of my stickers on someone's Hydroflask, you've seen my art around Nebraska, or we haven't met yet! Regardless, I'm so glad you're here. I hope this brand brings you joy, inspires you to do more good but take no shit, and reminds you it's okay to not grow up too fast. 





My work is heavily inspired by music. Each week I create typography about different songs, pulling lyrics & colors that reflect my emotions while listening. It's one of my favorite personal projects I always make time for! I LOVE going to record stores to look at old school vinyl record design. Shout out Lefty's Records in LNK!

I drink iced coffee every single day. Dead of winter? YEP. Even with a -25º Nebraska windchill, I'm carrying that baby around town with my mittens on. 

I'm a born and raised Nebraska gal! The Midwest has such a unique sense of community, and the small business family I've found here is unmatched to anything else.

I love everything second hand! When I was young, my mom was the greatest at teaching us to hunt down sales & thrifted treasures. Hitting up a thrift shop and finding clothes, home goods, and vintage finds is a big part of my weekend routine.

Video by Josh Peterson from Vic + Josh